Tempus Fugit

Origin: Switzerland

Tempus Fugit Spirits recreates fine rare liquors that were once staples in classic pre-prohibition cocktails, but have been lost in time. Using historic 19th century protocols, many cross-referenced in several languages, Tempus Fugit prides itself in finding out what’s missing from the back-bar that the world’s best bartenders are searching for. The range consists of Creme de Cacao, Creme de Menthe Glaciale, Liqueur de Violettes, Crème de Banane and Gran Classico Bitter.

Crème De Cacao : As dictated in 19th century recipes, this liqueur uses cacao from Venezuela and vanilla from Mexico. The raw cacao is distilled and the distillate is then macerated with additional cacao and crushed whole vanilla bean. The process naturally colours the Crème de Cacao a medium brown. The finish is quite aromatic and round with intense, dusty-pure cacao flavours and light wisps of vanilla.

Crème De Menthe Glaciale : A true historic crème de menthe is quite a complex spirit and cannot be made correctly with just mint alone. A selection of botanicals is macerated and then fully distilled, and the finished distillate is reduced with spring water and cane sugar. It is silky in the mouth, crisp, yet complex.

Liqueur De Violettes : This unique and rare liqueur is made only in micro-batches. The protocol uses the finest French violets, traditionally hand harvested in the Côte d’Azur, along the Mediterranean Sea, amongst the myriad of precious flowers cultivated in the region for the world’s finest perfumes. This elegant elixir has a lower sugar content than the heavier ‘crème’-style violet liqueurs, which more intensely highlights its delicate floral aromatics.

Crème De Banane : Made with real bananas! Using a historic recipe with no artificial flavours added.

Gran Classico Bitter : Gran Classico is made from a maceration of a mixture of 25 aromatic herbs and roots including wormwood, gentian, bitter orange peel, rhubarb, and hyssop. The maceration also creates a naturally attractive golden-amber colour, and no additional colouring is added. Gran Classico Bitter stands alone on ice or with soda water but has amazing range as a modifier for many recipes and spirits. It offers a more complex, non-red alternative Bitter ingredient for the Negroni.