Los Siete Misterios

Origin: Oaxaca, Mexico

Inspired by the passion, traditions, and culture of their native Mexico, brothers Julio and Eduardo Mestre founded Los Siete Misterios in 2010 with the goal of making a Mezcal that represents the customs, culture, and passion of Mexico. Beginning with highest quality agave plants, Los Siete Misterios follows ancestral methods including cooking in underground ovens, milling with wooden mallets, and often distilling with hand-made clay pots. Los Siete Misterios is the creation of the brothers, the Maestros Mezcaleros, and the Oaxacan communities in pursuit of celebrating Mezcal and Mexican Culture.

The Doba-Yej is the core expression from Los Siete Misterios. It is a well-balanced Mezcal that is bright and floral with fresh citrus notes perfect for enjoying neat or in cocktails.  Other limited varieties such as Pechuga and Tobala are available from time to time.