Four Pillars RTD

Origin: Victorian


Australia has invented many great and useful things. The esky, the Hills Hoist, Wi-Fi, the bionic ear, the electric drill, plastic banknotes and even Google Maps. But one often under appreciated Aussie invention is the Ready-To-Drink can, consisting of a spirit and a mixer, together in a can. The outdoor lifestyle, the fishing trip, the sneaky one in the beach bag, the BBQ at a mate’s place. There are so many opportunities to have a ready-to-drink can, ready to drink. And now we have a Four Pillars ready-to-drink can, ready to drink.

Rare Dry Gin & Tonic

The time has come, friends. Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin & Tonic is now in a can. They distilled a hyper-concentrated version of Rare Dry Gin, and crafted their own tonic and plus added extra fresh organic oranges to the distillation to replicate the signature orange garnish. It’s as simple and delicious as that. Australia’s favourite G&T. Now in a can, ready to enjoy.

Bloody Shiraz Gin & Tonic

Four Pillars cult favourite Bloody Shiraz Gin has found its newest home in the humble can as a ready-to-drink Bloody G&T. This is a drink for people who place flavour above all else. A hugely concentrated base of Bloody Shiraz Gin is combined with a bespoke tonic to create a pink drink that is so flavour packed it should probably come with a warning. So here’s the warning: You are going to love this can a lot.

Fresh Yuzu Gin & Soda

Here it is, friends. Four Pillars first ready to drink can using soda rather than tonic as the mixer. This Highball style drink is supercharged with yuzu flavour thanks to an incredibly concentrated Fresh Yuzu Gin base which is combined with clean and crisp carbonated water. Summer is calling – pick up the phone and a four-pack.

Navy Strength and Ginger

Gin in a tin. A tin of gin. Gin and Ginger in a Tinger…whatever you call it, it’s time to say hello to the fourth tin in the Four Pillars of Tinned Gin, the Navy Strength and Ginger. Made with Navy Strength Gin and their own version of ginger beer created using fresh ginger and lime juice, this super fresh gin drink is tin-credible.