Four Pillars Bandwagon

Origin: Yarra Valley, Australia

Bandwagon Dry 

Welcome aboard the Four Pillars Bandwagon. Now you can get on it even when you’re not drinking.

Bandwagon Dry has been modelled on the original Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin, a modern, citrus-forward gin with a combination of Middle Eastern, Asian and local Australian botanicals. Bandwagon Dry follows the same path – just without the booze. You’ll find aromas of orange and lemon myrtle and on the palate are notes of spice and some warmth. This is a botanical based alcohol-free spirit destined for a booze-free G&T.

Bloody Bandwagon

Bloody Bandwagon is based on cult favourite the Bloody Shiraz Gin. In Bloody Bandwagon Four Pillars have created an alcohol-free base of highly concentrated shiraz and then added complexity by the addition of many of their favourite botanicals including Tasmanian pepperberry leaf and several types of citrus.

This is a unique, purple and slightly sweet alcohol-free base that you can use just as you would your regular Bloody Shiraz Gin.