Calle 23

Origin: Jalisco highlands, Mexico

Calle 23 is a highland tequila from Jalisco created by French-born biochemist Sophie Decobecq. Sophie distils each expression separately (Blanco, Reposado, Añejo) to its own special recipe. Her tequilas are double-distilled and she uses Bourbon casks from Kentucky. These beautiful tequila bottles were designed to be easy-to-pour and easy-to-store – something you don’t find with all tequilas. Multiple award-winning including Double Gold and Gold at the San Francisco spirit competition.

Tasting Notes (Simon Difford’s Class Magazine)

Blanco: Unaged. A wonderfully clean palate with good agave, crisp apple and sweet tropical fruit notes (pineapple and ripe pear) made even fresher by tongue tingling cracked black pepper.

Reposado: Rested 8 months. The palate is wonderfully buttery with good agave notes, red pepper, honey and fresh fig. The finish is satisfying buttery agave.

Anejo: Aged 16 months. A satisfying agave rich palate which features a vanilla start, leading to a cherry fruity nose with hints of menthol and cigar tobacco.