Origin: Thuile, France

Suze, the queen of French bitters since 1889, is the authentic gentian liqueur, blending a beautiful mountain plant with an aromatic bouquet whose recipe has been kept secret since its creation. Gentian grows in the mountainous highlands of Jura and Auvergne. It is a large flower with golden yellow petals. Gentian roots, which lie deep in the soil, need to grow for between 10 and 20 years (sometimes even more) before they can enter the Suze production cycle. Suze is made from both farmed gentian and wild gentian. Sustainable and responsible agriculture is employed to preserve this wild and precious resource. Suze’s gentian is cultivated without the use of fertiliser or irrigation. Suze is superb in a white Negroni or mixed with tonic or simply on the rocks as the perfect dry aperitif.

20% ABV 700ml