The Gospel

Origin: Australia

Made by rye whiskey fanatics in Brunswick, Melbourne, The Gospel is Australia’s only dedicated rye whiskey distillery. It is crafted and distilled from 100% Australian unmalted rye, sourced from a single farmer in the Murray Mallee region of South Australia. Specifically chosen for its harsh climate, the rye from this area is small and dense – renowned for its distinct, extraordinary flavour and is unmatched by rye from other areas.
The Gospel embodies the characteristics of traditional American rye whiskey with a flavour nuance that is distinctly Australian. The unmalted rye grain imparts deep, spicy flavours of vanilla, cinnamon and dried fruit, with developing notes of pepper, grass and grain.
The small, dedicated team produce everything by hand under the guidance of Master Distiller, Ian Thorn – the first and only distiller to hold the esteemed ‘Master Distiller’ accreditation in Australia.

The Gospel Solera Rye (42.4% ABV) is double distilled and aged in a five-tiered bespoke solera system of new American oak, second fill American oak and Australian red wine barrels. It embodies classic rye flavours in an approachable soft and smooth way – an accessible rye with more character than you would expect.

The Gospel Straight Rye Whiskey (45% ABV) is double distilled and aged for a minimum two years in New American Oak barrels, and uses Melbourne’s extreme climate to produce a spirit with balanced oak influence and pronounced cereal character. Straight Rye Whiskey won gold at the 2022 San Francisco World Spirits Competition – the highest awarded Australian Rye Whiskey.