Origin: Canada

Bearface Triple Oak Canadian Whisky is Elementally Aged. This is a unique process where handselected
oak casks are matured in repurposed shipping containers and exposed to the elements in the Canadian wilderness. The extreme northern climate amplifies how the whisky and wood interact, transforming the liquid inside for a bolder, smoother flavour.

Triple Oak Canadian Whisky
Bearface Triple Oak is a single grain Canadian whisky matured firstly in ex-bourbon American oak barrels to impart notes of honey, butter and natural vanilla. Three vintages of heavy-red, tight-grain, French oak casks are then used to provide dry fruit notes of cranberry and pear, along with a rich Canadian red colour. Finally, the whisky rests in virgin Hungarian oak casks after they have been
air-dried for three years and toasted. This imparts unique, spicy rye-like notes as well as BBQ and a gentle smoke.