Origin: Italy

Created by industry identity Stefano Di Dio, Oscar.697 is a modern evolution of traditional vermouths. The brand is named after Oscar Quagliarini, a famous and highly respected bartender from Milan, who developed its flavour profile. Oscar.697 adheres to the Vermouth production guidelines set by the Italian authorities and all ingredients are strictly natural.

The Bianco has strong notes of Bergamot, Yarrow Muscat and Elderflower. It is 16% ABV, while the sugar level is kept relatively low at 14% to ensure the final product is drier and more bitter than other labels.

The Rosso has strong notes of Absinthe, Rhubarb and Liquorice. It is also 16% ABV with the same relatively low sugar percentage as the Bianco. Its rich colour is obtained naturally using burnt sugar, without added dyes or synthetic caramel.

Oscar.697 extra Dry has strong notes of Wild Fennel, Dog Rose and Oak Infusion. The alcohol strength is 18%, while the sugar level is almost null at 2.5%. This is in order to obtain a drier product compared with other labels. It is, however, still extremely aromatic.