Aether Vodka

Origin: Melbourne, Australia

The Ancient Greeks believed that way up in the sky, the gods breathed purer air than the mere mortals down on earth. They called this space ‘The Aether’ (hence the extra silent “A”). In a quest to bottle this ethereal essence, Aether Vodka was born — an otherworldly spirit of purity, clarity and cleanliness.

Using local Australian wheat, Aether Vodka is handmade at our home in Melbourne by a talented team of distillers responsible for some of Australia’s most-esteemed boutique spirits.

In creating Aether, equal attention is uniquely paid to the water used and the spirit itself. This, coupled with a meticulous filtration process, results in a vodka of purity and clarity, with a distinct mineral quality.

A time-intense process, Aether is first filtered through coconut husk charcoal, before going through local raw limestone to enhance the vodka’s distinct minerality. Finally, Aether is cut with a high-PH and uniquely alkaline water, creating a velvety mouthfeel and soft finish.

Aether has a delicate aroma of wheat, along with subtle citrus and light spice. On the palate, it’s clean, clear and unmistakably smooth, delivering a gentle spicy warmth and sweetness, with a lingering dry finish. Made to serve with elegant simplicity as a vodka and soda with a hint of fresh lime or a classic dry martini with a twist.