Origin: Victoria, Australia

Established in 1859 Morris of Rutherglen is Australia’s most awarded winery and one of the world’s finest producers of fortified wines. The family malts and brews locally-sourced barley for this whisky using Snowy Mountains water and at the heart of the distillery is the original copper pot still named “Aurora,” built in the 1930s. The whiskies commence their ageing in a combination of American and French oak ex shiraz (Barossa) and cabernet (Coonawarra) barrels from the family wineries. Morris Whisky has unparalleled access to Australia’s finest fortified wine casks for finishing the ageing
process for these outstanding Australian whiskies.

Morris Signature Australian
Shows bright topaz hues on appearance which open a door to orchard fruit profiles, macerated black cheery and biscuit notes balancing the zest of marmalade, lingering cocoa and dark-berry flavours. No colouring is added.

Morris Muscat Barrel Australian
Creamy mouthfeel packed full of rich dark fruits and sweet malt notes, which give way to sweet vanilla and cocoa interspersed with cinnamon spice. Finished in rare Morris Muscat barrels, previously used to create multi-award winning Muscat. No colouring is added.

Morris Sherry Barrel
Bottled at 46%ABV, MORRIS Sherry Barrel is a mature style that highlights the perfect balance of oak, malt and sherry barrel influence. Well integrated and very approachable which the broad whisky consumer can embrace. Maturation in combination of French and American oak ex ex-Australian red wine casks, followed by finishing in Morris of Rutherglen 10yr 10yr-Aged Amber Apera casks.

Morris Tokay Barrel
Morris Tokay Barrel can only be described as a truly exquisite and unique representation of Australian Single Malt whisky of the highest pedigree.
Made from all Australian local ingredients and aged in predominately French oak ex-red wine casks at our regional distillery in Rutherglen Victoria, this unique whisky draws incredible flavour from our family’s own prized fortified barrels. Finished in barrels that have held our award-winning 15 year old Morris Cellar Reserve Grand Topaque (Tokay), the result is a decadent and mature whisky that displays the luscious elegance of creamy malt, fresh fruits, hints of butterscotch and vibrant raisin flavours.

Morris Smoke Muscat – Limited Edition
Adding to the line-up of award winning MORRIS Australian single malt whiskies, this limited release Smoked Muscat expression brings together three unique elements; Single Malt Whisky, award-winning fortified Muscat barrels, and heavily-charred oak, to create a whisky with unrivalled complexity and unique depth of character. Born from a collaboration between our Head Distiller and Head Cooper, they pushed the boundaries of experimenting with the barrel-charring process. The resulting whisky is the perfect marriage of drybiscuit maltiness, rich luscious raisin fruits, soft wood-aged characters and a lingering subtle smokiness.