Fuji Whisky

Origin: Japan

Made using three different types of still in the one distillery – the closest distillery to Mount Fuji

Fuji Single Grain Japanese Whiskey 46% alc/vol .

Fuji whiskey was born out of a joint venture in 1972 between Kirin Brewery, Chivas brothers and Seagram and Sons to identify the optimal site for a new whisky distillery in Japan.  Master Distiller Jota Tanaka (Icon Of Whisky Award Winner 2017), has 30 years of distilling experience in the US and Japan.  He is only the second Master Blender in the distillery’s history.

The water in this whiskey comes from snowmelt run-off from Mount Fuji, which takes about 50 years to cycle.  A proprietary yeast is used for fermenting the various grains over a 72 hour fermentation period.  Three distillation formats are employed:  column (lighter style), batch kettle (medium style) and pot still (heavy style).  The whiskey is aged in medium to high char ex bourbon barrels, refill and virgin oak.  It is non–chill filtered and bottled at 46% ABV.

Why does Fuji spell its whiskey with an “e” on the label?  Other Japanese whiskies don’t.  This is a nod to the brand’s North American heritage (Seagram’s).

Fuji Single Blended Japanese Whisky

Fuji Single Blended is the embodiment of Fuji Gotemba’s commitment to creating unique Whisky. Single Blended is a blend of malt and three different types of grain whisky
produced at the one site; Fuji Gotemba. Master Blender, Jota Tanaka uses a combination corn, rye and malted barley distilled across doubler, column, kettle and pot stills. This creates flavor profiles similar to Scotch, American and Canadian style whiskies. Unlike most other distilleries the entire production process from massing to bottling happens at Fuji’s distillery.

This catagory defining whisky is aged in 100% American White Oak with a blend make up of 7 – 16 years. this 43% Whisky is classic Japanese Style: delicate fruit notes with a rich and silky finish.