Origin: Victorian

A fresh take on the forgotten French aperitif, mistelle is often made in Normandy using apples or grapes.  However in a radical break from tradition, RHUBI is crafted in Victoria from fresh Aussie rhubarb by pairing the fermented rhubarb juice with juniper spirit, gentian, grapefruit and mandarin skins.

Tim Philips-Johansson and Evan Stroeve the globally recognised and highly awarded Australian bartenders are the brand’s creators.  They call RHUBI a Nouvelle Mistelle because nouvelle means new and RHUBI is exactly that.  Nobody has made anything quite like it before.  The duo dreamt up RHUBI late one late night in 2018, behind the bar at Sydney’s famous Bulletin Place.  Then he perfected it over the next few years.

Simply mix 45ml of RHUBI over ice, add soda and a grapefruit wedge for the perfect two ingredient spritz.