Origin: Cognac, France

Founded in 1850 as a cognac house, it was only the fifth generation of the Merlet family that started to make liqueurs. Fresh fruits are macerated in neutral spirit giving up their vibrant flavours which are then harnessed by the family’s traditional maceration and filtration techniques.

LUNE D’ABRICOT 25% alc/vol. : Apricots from partner producers in Roussilon are soaked in pure alcohol with some of their kernels to extract all their flavours, then pressed and filtered. This natural fruit infusion is then blended with a little bit of young Cognac for more depth and complexity, before sugar is added to obtain the final liqueur.

CRÈME DE POIRE 18% alc/vol. :  The ‘Crème de Poire William’ has a beautiful golden colour identical to the pear’s golden colour obtained in the sun just before the fruit is picked, perfectly ripe. It has been macerated in alcohol at end of the summer, conserving its delicate fresh and fine flavour.

CRÈME DE PÊCHE DE VIGNE 18% alc/vol. : Merlet Vineyard Peach liqueur is made from a very specific variety of peaches once grown along the vineyards. Sourced from partner producers in Ardèche, in order to guarantee consistent quality, the peaches are soaked in pure alcohol to extract all their flavours, then pressed and filtered.