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Marionette liqueurs

Origin: Australia

This new label was concocted by four of Melbourne’s most reputable hospitality professionals; Shaun Byrne, (co-founder of Maidenii), bartenders Nick Tesar (Bar Liberty, Lûmé) and Hugh Leech (Melbourne Gin Company, Gin Palace), and designer Lauren Bonkowski (Pirate Life, Maidenii). Each brings their respective talents to the fore and they plan to launch 20 cocktail staple liqueurs over the next three years. They work directly with Australian farmers – truly dedicated, exceptionally hard-working humans – bringing every last ounce of flavour from Australian produce to consumers across the country.

Marionette Dry Cassis, 20%
Father & son Rob & Richard Clark have dedicated 20 years to growing the very best blackcurrants. Their traditional White Bud variety thrives in Tassie’s cool climate. The fruit is small yielding but high in acidity, antioxidants & anthocyanins. Flavourful & distinct, Rob & Richard’s powerful little berries sing in Marionette’s Dry Cassis.

Marionette Orange Curacao, 32%
Marionette’s curacao features Navel, Seville & Blood oranges sourced directly from Glen, a third generation citrus farmer from Mildura. The oranges in their many forms are macerated, distilled & barrel aged with cask strength brandy from South Australia to create a truly local option to showcase in classic and “fancy” cocktails.

Marionette Apricot Brandy, 25%
In pursuit of this versatile staple, Marionette reached out to the Matovani family who have been farming stone fruit since the 80s. The apricots are macerated, distilled & barrel aged with brandy made by the Angove family who have been distilling for 5 generations in Renmark, SA. The result highlights the quality of its local components on a stage that awaits your creative potential.

Marionette Groseille, 25%
Two generations of the Clark family have grown berries in Tassie soil. The chilly winters of the Derwent Valley ensure Richard Clark’s small redcurrant crop is full of goodness by the summer harvest time. It’s with these very Tasmanian berries that Marionette brings back the classic French redcurrant liqueur Groseille. This elusive ingredient will let you create Christmas in a glass, at any time of the year.

Marionette Mure, 20%
The small Clark family swells over the summer months as old friends return to the farm in Tasmania’s Derwent Valley to help with the berry harvest.
By now the crop of Thornless Loch Ness blackberries is swollen with vitamins, antioxidants & anthocyanins. These plump, juicy berries are destined for Marionette Mure – a bright, herbaceous liqueur that tastes like summer on the vine.

Marionette Amaretto, 25%
The backbone of Marionette Amaretto is formed with almonds from the Keen family’s lush biodynamic orchards on the Murray, macerated with a lick of golden syrup & a dash of salt. Marzipan characters of Goulburn Valley apricot kernels, held over from Marionette Apricot Brandy and Muscat from Australia’s fortified-wine heartland Rutherglen rounds out this classic cocktail staple.