Derrumbes takes us on a journey of flavour through the heart of Mexico. Being the most biodiverse Appellation of Origin in the world, every mezcal producing region offers its unique stamp into the tapestry. Derrumbes offers an abundant expression of the rich soils and climates as well as the exuberant diversity of agave species and production techniques that constitute this magnificent ancestral spirit. Each bottle of Derrumbes represents a single state and each was chosen to highlight the traditions, the Terroir and organoleptic style of the region where it was made, creating together a mind grabbing experience of variety and nuances.

Oaxaca Mezcal: From the central valley of Oaxaca, the Espadin agaves are cooked in an underground stone pit using black oak to give a slight smokiness.

San Luis Potosi Mezcal: Made from the state’s wild agave Salmiana that only yields a quarter as much spirit as the blue agave.

Durango Mezcal: Made from the state’s wild agave Durangensis that creates a zinging fruity mezcal with notes of citrus and tropical fruit.

Zacatecas Mezcal: Located a few miles from the Tequila Valley, just across the state border and made from 100% blue agave in a traditional mezcal way using stone pits for cooking, tahona crushed and wild yeast ferment.