Origin: Russia

The refined, rich taste of Beluga Russian Vodka comes from its unique composition, mainly due to the malt spirit and the purest water from Siberian artesian wells. These carefully selected natural components pass through a triple filtering system, resulting in a vodka of superior quality.

Beluga Noble : The flagship product, made from Siberian malt alcohol and artesian water, as well as honey, oatmeal, holy thistle and a touch of vanilla. Beluga Noble undergoes the unique 3 stage filtration process followed by a 30 day resting period. This process helps to neutralise the smell of the spirit and to enhance the rich taste and soft flavour of Beluga Russian Noble Vodka.

Beluga Transatlantic : The Beluga Transatlantic is different from all other expressions in the Beluga family. Barley, malt, wild strawberry extract and a unique natural cotton filtering system, before resting for 45 days are what makes Beluga Transatlantic Racing a truly exquisite drink.

Beluga Allure : The Beluga Allure is produced using a special recipe including maple syrup and fig infusions to give it a subtle taste and aroma. It undergoes a fourfold filtering process and a 60 day resting period giving it a deep, complete and perfect taste.

Beluga Gold Line : The Beluga Gold Line is a limited-edition product, created for true connoisseurs. It undergoes a fivefold filtering process and a 90 day resting period which results in an ideally balanced and smooth product. Each bottle comes with its own hammer brush to remove the special sealing wax which secures the cork.