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Origin: Belgium

Hailing from Belgium, SUPASAWA (pronounced Super Sour) is a seriously sour cocktail mixer with a consistent pH of 1.95 and zero alcohol.  SUPASAWA makes mixing cocktails, cordials, shrubs and pre-batching a breeze.  It’s perfect for extending the fresh citrus in your drinks, especially when limes are pricey and out of season.

SUPASAWA is meticulously crafted from distilled water, five different types of acid (citric, malic, tartaric, succinic and phosphoric), a little sugar and a pinch of salt.


  • A balanced, crystal clear, aroma-less acid with extended shelf-life
  • Perfect as a citrus extender or an alternative to lemon and lime
  • Ideal for use in pre-batching when shelf life is a concern
  • An enhancer to your base spirit without reducing the taste
  • The solution to inconsistent drinks arising from varying acid levels in fresh citrus
  • Crystal clear which opens the way for clear margaritas or daiquiris if you’re looking for something different